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Libros de Homeopatía - Wonderful Plants

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Wonderful Plants

Scholten, Jan


Scholten, Jan - Wonderful Plants. En inglés.
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“Plantas maravillosas, la teoría de las plantas”. Dr. Jan Sholten.

After many years of intensive research, Jan Scholten’s long-awaited book on the taxonomy of plants, Wonderful Plants, is now available in English. Jan Scholten’s previous works on the systematic classification of the elements of the periodic table as homeopathic remedies was the greatest breakthrough of the last ten years in homeopathy. His discoveries have been confirmed in thousands of successful cases. Yet, the main thrust of Jan Scholten’s research is not the Mineral but the Plant kingdom. This can easily be seen in the thoroughness and precision of the information offered in his monumental new work.

The same natural laws that can be seen in the series and stages of the periodic table also underlie the taxonomic system of the enormously varied plant families. The path to the required remedy is not as easy to recognize as with the mineral elements – indeed, it is still evolving! One of the timeless values of this work lies in the essences of the plant families.

See also Sense Provings - a companion book to Wonderful Plants - it presents the results of about 200 provings

„To present us the complete pictures of specific plants, families and orders in such a logic and detailed taxonomic system, fitting the problems of our time, is therefore truly a ‘Work’. A more complete and living Materia Medica of the Plant kingdom has never been created before and it could well be The Book of the future of homeopathy.“

From the foreword by Pieter Kuiper, Bussum, Netherlands

"Can you imagine the joy of clearing many cases that did not respond to our limited number of plant remedies as well as having a more precise and systematic way of finding those and new plant remedies? This makes the journey through this book worth it. It represents another evolutionary leap forward for the homeopathic profession."

From the foreword by Louis Klein, Bowen Island, Canada

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